Best SMS Spy Software


Best SMS Spy Software

Choosing the best sms spy software could be a hectic job, if you don’t know what you are looking for. When the word spy is spelled, everyone thinks about one of the following relations: Lover, Spouse, Wife/Husband, Children. But, sms spy software plays a vital role in the business world too. It actually takes a lot of time, money & sleepless nights to build a venture successful. Whereas, it could take just a simple SMS for a cheater/traitor to pass your business plan & tactics to your competitor(s). This is where, you would need best sms spy software.

In this corporate world, it becomes important to track your employees to sustain growth of your business. There is no personal information you are going to steal from your employees. You are just going to track down the messages being sent & received on his/her mobiles that are provided by you, with best sms spy software installed, for official purposes only. So, there is really no hard or guilty feelings on your part. Moreover, this is already in practice and you, a proud business owner is a part of a huge community.

A recent study states that the best sms spy software are quite effective & helpful for employers to fire their dishonest employees. Regarding the sms spy software, there are lot of companies out there who claim they have the best sms spy software. This might add headache to you, when choosing one. Do not worry.

Filtering the Best SMS Spy software

There are two basic things that people usually consider when buying an sms spy software: Price and Ease of use. You got it right. These 2 aspects are considered for buying anything, not just for choosing the best sms spy software. However, the unsaid principle “More expensive, the better” doesn’t apply for buying the best sms spy software. But, if you have a friend who bought one such program for $300 per copy may recommend you the same. Don’t fall for it.

SMS spy software programs are priced usually between $100 to $150 in the market. You may also expect some freebies along with the software, which are offered to attract buyers. You can even find such software claims to be the best sms spy software for $70 to $80. But, price is not our concern.

Secondly, the ease of use: Almost all the sms spy software are easy to use. It’s obvious that none would want to buy a software that has an interface hard to use. So, let’s cut that one as well.

Best SMS Spy Software – Things to look for:

Best SMS spy software is one that would actually fill all your needs. So, look out for the features of the software, so that you could end up with the best sms spy software for you. Speaking about the features, you cannot afford to miss the following 3 most important features:

  • SMS Access – Of course, the feature we are looking for. Make sure this feature allows you to track all the text messages that are being sent and received, by your employees
  • Call History – This helps you to see who your employees are in touch with
  • GPS Tracking – This feature allows you to locate your employees. This is very useful, when your employee is asked to visit a place for an official purpose

SMS Spy Software Reviews:

The above tips must have helped you to shortlist or maybe even choose the best sms spy software for you. Once you’ve chosen the list, grab some reviews from the users on the internet. The company which makes the software can claim that they are the best. But, only “word of mouth” is real & that is what suggested before finalizing on anything.

A simple Google search will help you find reviews.

Mobile Spy is suggested as the best sms spy software by experts & users around the world. Apart from the features listed, Mobile Spy is well known for their highly compatible software (compatible to all Smartphones) & their excellent customer support.

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Moreover Mobile Spy software is compatible with all major phone carriers such as Orange, Alltel, Verizon, O2, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & many other.

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